Men's Wear

Men's Wear

Here is a collection of latex clothing for men including mens latex catsuits, mens latex uniforms, mens latex pants and underwearslatex surf suits All of the latex items listed here are tailored by natural rubber, good quality and elasticity, colors changeable. Besides the classic styles, there are also latex batman uniform, latex spiderman suit, rubber superman suit, etc, all good to be made exactly at your sizes. 

*Please make sure to read the size chart and measure tip at the product detail page when order.

*Special patterns, such as spidey suit by latex, color can't be changed. 

*If you are in love with a style not at our store yet, please contact us and we'd be glad to provide custom tailor service for you. 

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Black and Red Latex Pant for Men
Black Red Latex Pant for men, is made of natural latex,with good elasticity and ..
Ex Tax: $72.00
Black and Red Latex Underwear for Men
Top quality natural latex made underwear with adjust able buckles at sides. The default color combin..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Black Latex Short Pant with Classical Stripes
This Black Latex Short Pant is made of top quality natural latex, featured by the classica..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Black Men Rubber Latex Pants
Black Men Rubber Latex Pants is made of natural latex,with good elasticity and no sme..
Ex Tax: $49.99
Black Men's Catsuit with Yellow Straps and Words
Black long sleeves men's catsuit, with yellow strips and back words, made with natural latex, good e..
Ex Tax: $129.99
Blue and White Unisex Latex Underwear with Start Print
This latex underwear is featured by the big start print, which makes you unique and sexy. Make of to..
Ex Tax: $43.00
Classical Sexy Black Latex Catsuit for Men Shoulder Zippers
This Black Nature Latex clothing designed for men very tight-fitting for your body. The reinforced m..
Ex Tax: $116.09
Full Body Black Latex Catsuit with Open Eyes and Mouth
This Black Nature Latex Clothing designed with full-body from head to toe, hood design with open eye..
Ex Tax: $125.09
Pure Black Unisex Latex Underwear
Sometimes, SIMPLE IS THE BEST just like this pure black latex underwear, agree or not? This latex un..
Ex Tax: $30.00
Sexy Full Body Latex Catsuit with Condom
This black Nature Sexy Latex catsuits designed one-piece with latex hood/gloves/socks, open eeys and..
Ex Tax: $116.09
Sexy Red Black Men's Latex Catsuit
This Nature Sexy Latex catsuits designed with red black color assortment, and open crotch zipper des..
Ex Tax: $125.09
Stunning Black Sexy Latex Catsuit for Men
This Mens Sexy Black Nature Latex catsuits designed with gloves and socks. The reinforced material p..
Ex Tax: $98.99
Stylish Sexy Two Piece Latex Suit for Men
This Men's Black Natural Latex Clothing composed of two-piece, top suit and long latex trousers. The..
Ex Tax: $113.39

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