Custom Tailor Service

Latexshine offers the special custom tailor service for the Latex clothing fans and all clients who want a special latex costume only for yourself.

Custom tailor service at Latexshine is easy. After you give us your requests, we will have tailors with rich experience at latex costumes, to careful review your costume request, then communicate with you in case there's clarifications required. Once all cleared we will quote you the price and time, and upon your approval, we will begin the works. After finished, we will do the quality check then shipping. (Please view the below image for better understanding)

Here are some tips about how you could explain your request:

1)    There’s only extra fee if your measure’s bigger than XXL, we charge a small extra material fee, plus extra shipping.

2)    If you have the request to do a special costume, please send us the image of the costume, including the front and back shots.

3)    Color description.

4)    Any other special requirement(s) for the latex costume.

5)    The time you need for the costume - please understand this often takes double or triple time of a standard costume's tailor time, so it's best to take this into the plan.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at and submit your request. We will have a professional coming back to you within 24 hrs. Or you could register then submit your request here.

*Please add our email account to your contact list, to avoid our response go into your spam folder.

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